About Us

We are the busy bee's of logistics


Honey Bee’s are perhaps the most important insects to mankind. This is due to their pollination efforts in relation to human agriculture. Honey bee’s are also tied into transportation as well. They’re so important to pollination efforts that we as humans ship them around the U.S. to assist in this pollination process. We at Honey Bee Freight Group understand that much like pollination, transportation and logistics are vital to survival and a necessity for Mankind. Much like the pollination efforts of the honey bee, we understand that your goods and products need to get from point A to Z, wherever that may be. Just like every flower comes from the pollination effort of honey bee’s, every product or good got to its current resting place via logistics. Our goal at Honey Bee Freight Group is to be as busy and as effective as the honey bee. We are the busy bee’s of logistics!

Why The Honey Bee?

  • Hive Mentality

    Our hive of reputable and trustworthy carriers are ready to move your freight from point A to point Z, wherever that may be.

  • Worker Bee Drive

    Honey bee's relentless work ethic is vital to the pollination process. Here at Honey Bee Freight Group, we pride ourselves on coming to work everyday with that same relentless mentality.

Come buzz with the bee